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The School of Living Arts

Hello. I am Brenda Bordogna, the Director of The School of Living Arts. The School has been a dream of mine since I was in college. I love learning new things and thought that a place, that created a  community where everyone's skills and crafts were shared in order to empower each other to live fuller lives, was something I wanted to  be a part of.

My passion for health rose out of the women in my life. My grandmother was a nurse and the center of our family and my mother who was diagnosed with lupus when I was 11. My mother followed her OWN instincts, and listened to her body, as to what care she needed and has thrived because of it.

 I have worked with herbs since 1998 and went on to become a master herbalist. I have studied clinical herbalism but also studied in the wise woman tradition. I was blessed to work on  Native American reservations for ten years in community medical clinics, where I was able to see a world where traditional (medicine passed down through generations) and modern medicine coexist, due in part to the reverence towards the elders and their knowledge. This too has helped to shape how I view health.

I have also done health education for 20 years. Developed and implemented disease prevention and management programs, nutrition classes, cooking classes as well as fitness and stress management classes. I have worked with companies to improve their employees health through employee wellness programming and coaching. I have a wide scope within the field of health, as I truly believe to be healthy you must incorporate and work with all facets of your life. Working to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual, creates true wellness.

I am so happy that you have found us today and I hope that you are able to join us for some of the services we provide or feel free to contact us with any questions. As I stated before, the scope is wide and we try to personalize programming as much as we can, so questions are always welcome. 


Brenda Bordogna, MS, MCHES, CCMH, RYT200


Tammy Counts, RN- Aromatherapy

With the rise of chronic illness and disease, prevention care is so important. Stress is the #1 factor in ALL chronic diseases and illness. Suffering myself with chronic pain from osteo-degenerative arthritis, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and depression, I was simply surviving life and definitely not enjoying it. I was able to increase my bone density level, decrease inflammation and stress on my joints. I actually enjoy living life now and am prescription free. My husband was my first lab rat, he was at 30% kidney function, a diabetic with high blood pressure, and heading to dialysis the following month. We were able to improve his kidney function to 50% in one month and one year later, perfect kidney function. Since then, I have helped many others in various stages of health/crisis learn a better way to take control of their health and wellness. My name is Tammy Counts. I am an RN and I am taking nursing and health care to a whole new level.


Portland, Oregon

Alt-Country Quilts is a twenty first century company, inspired by home crafted quilts of the twentieth century. They specialize in using reclaimed materials. Owning an Alt-Country quilt is like driving down a gravel road when your favorite song comes on the radio. It's a familiar, but unexpected pleasure.

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