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The End of 2020 & DIY gift ideas

December 2020

As this year ends, some of us may be running to the finish line or waiting for the clock to strike midnight on December 31, 2020 so we can finally exhale. Whatever this year brought, tough times, sad times and even good times, I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and the knowledge I have gained from living during all of this. Mostly though, I am hopeful.

The thing 2020 most reminded me of, is what is truly important and that stuff is not and time together is. I'm sure during 2020 many of us realized we were capable of living on a lot less and what necessities truly were. Also, being so separated from each other illuminated how important it is to just be able to spend time together. I say this with great sincerity, but being able to spend time with people you love is truly priceless and I hope it is not something we don't forget too quickly as life becomes more "normal".

That being said, I hope each and every one of you have an amazing end to 2020 and that 2021 brings you countless blessings.

As we prepare for December holidays or just want to let friends and family know we are thinking of them, here are a few quick and easy DIY projects to make with or send to those you love.

Salt Dough Ornaments (Pictured left/Above)

2 cups All Purpose Flour

1 cup salt

1 cup cold water

Mix flour and salt and then add water

Knead for 10 minutes and let dough rest for 20 minutes

Preheat oven to 250 degrees, roll out dough to about ¼ inch thick, cut into desired shapes and bake until dry and hard (about 2-3 hours)

You can paint and then clear coat spray to protect them.

Sugar Body Scrub

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

1/2 cup fractionated coconut oil

1/2 cup granulated sugar

15 drops peppermint essential oil


Use fractionated coconut oil if possible

Stir in sugar and essential oil until evenly combined. Add more oil if too grainy, should be more slushy consistency.

Package up into air-tight jars.

*For Relaxation- Use lavender oil instead

*For Fall Blend-

4 drops Cassia or Cinnamon Essential Oil

4 drops Clove Essential Oil

2–4 drops Ginger Essential Oil

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