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Gardening & Art

The Other Side of Wellness

Organic Gardening

The School of Living Arts has its own Organic Master Gardener. If you are looking for gardening classes for you or your group, a lecture about the benefits of organic gardening and organic foods or need help setting up your own organic garden, we are here to help.

The "Its All Wellness": Philosophy: 

Learning new skills and learning skills that create a better sense of self sufficiency and achievement, as in being able to make your own clothes and grow your own food, is also apart of a of the broader view of wellness. 

Everything you do contributes to your well being, so we encourage people to strive to add things to their lives that are enriching or just make you happy. Individual and Group classes are available. Classes can be tailored for youth as well.

Fiber Arts

The School of Living Arts also offers classes in crocheting and hand sewing.  These classes are taught by local artisans who show you easy step by step ways to make your own clothes, accessories and household items with minimal equipment.

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